Demi Lovato Visits Library with Mystery Guy, Not Wilmer Valderrama

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Demi Lovato is certainly one of those young Hollywood types that gets plenty of attention these days. Paparazzi chased down the young singer-actress as she walked the streets of Beverly Hills…with an unknown guy. Isn’t she back together with Wilmer Valderrama?

Demi Lovato dressed in a horizontal, black-striped blouse, black pants, and flats was out on the town with some unknown guy. So did Demi stop at some fine eating establishment with the mystery man in blue? Not exactly. It turns out that Lovato stopped by the local library.

While it doesn’t seem as if Demi was returning (or checking out) any books, at least she knows what a library is and where it is. Perhaps she had to make a “pit stop” in the public restroom. Whatever the case, clearly she caught the eye of cameras looking to snap a shot of the singer who was with some dude who wasn’t the person she is rumored to be dating again… Mr. Valderrama.

So, really, who is the guy in the tight indigo, v-necked, pocket t-shirt, Demi? Will Demi Lovato share the dirt with the world or will the tabloids have to keep on guessing? Is she back with Wilmer Valderrama or is she keeping her options open? Check out the photos of Lovato’s Friday excursion here.

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