Demi Lovato’s Back. Can She Handle Joe Jonas And Ashley Greene?

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Demi Lovato is back in L.A. after completing more than three months of treatment for emotional and physical issues in a rehab facility.  The Disney starlet is happy to be reunited with her family and friends, and she’s determined to pick up her career where she left off, but she still faces one problem that may yet prove insurmountable.  In the real world, Lovato must eventually deal with the reality of seeing her ex Joe Jonas with his new girlfriend, Ashley Greene.  This will be especially difficult since it is rumored that Demi’s November meltdown was precipitated by Joe’s and Ashley’s relationship. 

According to Hollywood Life, “Demi, Joe and Ashley were all in LA on January 28th,”  and it’s only a matter of time before they run into each other.  How will Demi handle will it?  Will her continued outpatient therapy with L.A. physicians be enough to help her through such a trauma?  Will she try to avoid the couple or will she face her residual feelings (if any) for Jonas head-on by deliberately encountering them?  

Demi has expressed, through her reps, her gratitude to her fans for their “unbelievable support” during the months she struggled to regain her emotional stability.  Hopefully, her huge, loyal fan base will be able to help her through this potentially unsettling situation as well.

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