Demi Lovato’s Embarrassing ‘Peek-a-Boob’ Nip Slip on TCA’s Pink Carpet

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Demi Lovato had a minor yet nonetheless embarrassing wardrobe malfunction on the Teen Choice Awards pink carpet on July 22. The sexily clad Lovato flashed a nipple through the see through mesh top of her oddly colorful dress. Oops.

Rumor has it that Selena Gomez’s former Disney darling BFF seemed to be “channeling Jennifer Lopez with a slicked back high ponytail and mascara-heavy makeup” at the TCAs. Of course, the most unusual part of her outfit was her brightly colored, bizarrely busy, Xena: Warrior Princess style sequined mini-dress. The dress featured everything from brown leather epaulets and gold-sequined geometric patches to strategically placed see-through brown mesh panels and “feathery fringe.” It was the see through panels that caused the commotion of course. When La Lovato struck the classic “red carpet pose” with her hand on her hip, her boob moved. Or maybe the panel shifted to the side. Whatever happened, the see through mesh material exposed a nipple. Of course, it was hardly as revealing as showing totally bare skin, but still, the mesh left nothing to the imagination. As you can see in the photo by clicking here, the X Factor judge definitely displayed one of her nipples to the world.

Demi Lovato has had a couple of other minor wardrobe malfunctions recently. Are they deliberate? Or are they simply the result of carelessness? Or could they be somehow connected to Demi’s reported toppling off the wagon?

What do you think?

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