Demi Lovato’s mom teaches her about planking

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Demi Lovato’s mom is really cool! Dianna De La Garza explained planking to her teen daughter! In what was a pretty funny conversation with her mom on Twitter, Demi got a great example of “planking”—the new phenomenon—byDemiLovatoApr09 way of a photo of her mom participating in a hallway plank!

“My MOM teaching me what planking is… Hahahaha…. Wow,” Lovato wrote on Twitter. The tweet was accompanied by a photo—which was pretty funny! It’s really cool that Demi’s mom is on Twitter—and that she knows what planking is!

Sometimes celebrities have great back and forth conversations with other people on Twitter, and if you catch them at just the right time, it can be really funny! This exchange about planking between Demi and her mom was really great, and it seems like they got a laugh out of it too! Does your mom know what planking is? Would she demonstrate it for you? Too funny!

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