Demi Moore Clinging to Ashton Kutcher or Moving On?

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Is Demi Moore moving on her with her life or is she clinging to Ashton Kutcher? Demi has had a troubled year in dealing with her divorce from Ashton and being in and out of rehab. The thing is, just as it seems like Moore is back out dating a new guy, the tabloid rumors fire right back up.

Yep, according to some, Demi ‘The Cougar’ Moore is fighting some sort of ‘mid-life crisis.’ Why doesn’t she just go out a buy a new sports car?

Demi is presumably not dealing with the Ashton and Mila rumors very well. This coupled with reportedly having huge communication problems with her daughters, Scout, Tallulah, and Rumer and she is seriously a mess.

An unnamed tabloid source continues to contend that Demi Moore is blowing-up Ashton’s cell phone, calling constantly. “[Demi’s] still calling Ashton and, as a result, [her daughters] decided to cut contact… the fact that Demi still calls him drives the girls crazy.”

Apparently Demi’s girls have resorted to tough love with their mum with the source claiming “they realised their supportive approach wasn’t working and decided to take a different tack, they gave her an ultimatum: get healthy again and start acting like mom.”

Maybe Demi’s new man can help her out of this?!

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