Demi Moore encourages her daughter, Rumer to show how she works a pole at an A-list party; Pole-dancing!

Demi Moore showed us that she has the “goods” and the “moves” required to be a pro in Striptease.She’s so proud of her moves that she encouraged her daughter Rumer to show a group of A-lister’s, Jennifer Aniston, Leonardo DiCaprio and many others to show them what she had learned from mommy.

In the most recent issue of Life&Style they say:

Mothers and daughters like to shop together — but pole dancing? That’s what Striptease star Demi Moore, 47, and daughter Rumer Willis, 21, did for fun at a party at the Chateau Marmont in LA on Feb. 27. “There was a pole at the bash, and Demi thought it would be fun to show everyone she still has what it takes,” a partygoer tells Life & Style. “Demi even spun around the pole upside down. It was incredible.” Then it was Rumer’s turn, as stepdad Ashton Kutcher and A-listers Jennifer Aniston and Leonardo DiCaprio, among others, looked on. “It was strange, but Demi encouraged Rumer to join her,” says the partygoer. “Everyone was cheering, and Leo gave Ashton a high-five. Ashton put his arms around both Demi and Rumer and looked like the proudest man in the room.”

Hmmm? What do you think about this?

Is it true that celebrities encourage their children to grow up fast? Michael Jackson certainly wouldn’t have agreed with this. His bodyguards say that he was a great father and that his children were very mannerable considering the success of their iconic King of Pop father. (see Michael Jackson’s bodyguards tell his secrets)

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