Demi Moore – K2 Spice Now Linked to 911 Call

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Demi Moore may have taken K2 Spice, a synthetic incense. New details have emerged after the 911 call a friend of Demi’s placed late Monday after finding her in a convulsive state. In the audio released Friday, the caller told the dispatcher that Demi had been smoking an “incense” of some sort, but not marijuana. Prior to the recorded tape’s release, Moore reportedly had a reaction to huffing too much nitrous oxide, otherwise known on the street as “whip-its.”

'Spice' -- a designer synthetic cannabinoidDr. Phil Dembo, an addictions specialist, told RadarOnline that K2 Spice is a legal incense in the U.S., but is under investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency. It is a synthetic incense which hides the presence of “designer drugs” in the event that a user is tested. The product is often sprayed with research chemicals called “synthetic cannabinoids but do not contain any cannabis (marijuana) components,” Dr. Dembo says.

Demi has been in the news for her addiction to Red Bull as well as taking Adderall before the 911 call. More continues to surface about what really happened to the 49-year-old actress before she was found in her Beverly Hills home suffering from a seizure.

Were there other drugs Demi Moore was taking that was mixed with the K2 Spice?

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