Demi Moore Looks Anorexic in New Red Carpet Pics (Photo)

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Is Demi Moore skipping too many meals? It sure looks that way after pictures of her stepping out on the red carpet reveal she’s gotten shockingly thin in just the last few weeks.

Of course, she’s got a lot to worry about, and anxiety is one of the reasons people lose weight so fast. But by the looks of her arms, it appears that Demi Moore is simply not eating.

Never one to ever be afraid to show off her body, Moore held nothing back in a red zebra print skirt showing off her legendary curves. But the sleeveless number showed off her bare arms as well, and, in some of the pics published, it looks like she’s losing muscle weight and slimming down dangerously fast.

Demi Moore and husband Ashton Kutcher have been in the news lately as divorce rumors swirl over his alleged cheating with 22-year-old celebutante Sara Leal. Reports have the couple already split, then back together, working it out or completely at odds. That’s enough to throw off anyone’s appetite. But this? This is just alarming and shocking.

Shockingly thin: Demi Moore arrived at the Margin Call premiere in New York this evening showing off an extremely thin frame

What do you think? Has Demi Moore lost too much weight lately? Or is she just trying to stay slim?

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