Demi Moore Photographed With Terry Richardson Acting Bizarre Yet Again

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Demi Moore has been spotted out with fashion photographer Terry Richardson in yet another bizarre display. Seriously, what is going on Demi?

In November, the once demure and private actress turned 50 years old. Now that she has hit this milestone something has appeared to go wrong. Moore has been the center of public speculation that she is losing her marbles. No one has confirmed that Demi is suffering from a mid life crisis or mental illness, but photos say otherwise.

Since her public split from Ashton Kutcher, Moore has been all over the place. Including partying with friends, the mother of three has been demonstrating some strange behavior. Most recently she the attended TERRYWOOD Celebration at The Standard Hotel & Spa wearing a pink, brown and blue frock paired with black heels.

According to DailyMail, she wore a ridiculous pair of black rimmed glasses while she pranced around for the photographer. While a failed marriage can be difficult to endure, a high profile one is unique. Is she reacting to her estranged husband’s recent dating?

Demi Moore has had a rough 2012 with being rushed to a hospital after a 911 call, to a stay in rehab and a split form her husband. Hopefully 2013 will bring good things to her and fans will see improvement in her bizarre behavior!

What do you think is Demi acting a little strange? Is it possible that Demi is just having a healthy reaction to the wild year she has had?

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