Demi Moore Rehab Hindered by Tabloids? Ashton Kutcher Divorce Causing More Stress for Actress?

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By now everyone knows Demi Moore was recently hospitalized and entered rehab shortly afterwards. However, could Demi’s rehabilitation be hindered by constant tabloid rumors about her divorce from Ashton Kutcher, her weight loss and her drug use? The answer may be an unsurprising yes. Stress is stress in any form and celebrities often face the brunt of stress from external forces: Tabloids.

Demi Moore 11x17 HD Photo Poster Hot Sexy Actress #03During Moore’s recent struggles, OK! magazine ran pictures from her mother’s old naked porn photo shoot and Grazia magazine also ran stories about when Moore took some photos for a porn magazine. Needless to say, these old stories probably caused added unnecessary stress for the actress.

The most stressful story may have been Famous?‘s when they insinuated that Ashton Kutcher “hooked up” with Rumer Willis while the two were at a nightclub together. Further reading showed the hook up was no hook up at all.

Poor Demi Moore’s life is currently chaotic. And, tabloids aren’t helping her situation any. Fortunately, Moore seems to have a solid support system with several people who love and care for her. Once Moore reaches the light at the end of this dim tunnel, she’ll be a stronger person. Sadly, it’s the journey to that end that may seem like an eternity.

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