Demi Moore Returns to Work After Ashton Kutcher Split

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It has been a rough year for Demi Moore. Between the very public cheating scandal that led to a divorce from Ashton Kutcher, checking into and out of rehab for health issues, and now reportedly being abandoned by her own daughters, Demi could use a little good news.

Well, this week may actually provide Demi Moore with the good news she is looking for. Moore is reportedly back to work on a brand new movie, working alongside the likes of Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Olsen, and Richard Dreyfuss. That’s right; Demi has started work on a new flick called ‘Very Good Girls.’

So, while some go in search of therapy to help cheer themselves up, perhaps surrounding herself with other actors in a professional environment is exactly what the doctor ordered for Demi Moore. This could actually be a great situation for her, as she is playing the mother of Elizabeth Olsen’s character, and is in a way playing a supporting role. All eyes won’t be on Demi or her performance, letting her ease back into the safe environment of work.

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