Demi Moore Revealing Dirty Details of Marriage to Ashton Kutcher

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Demi Moore is ready to dish about the marriage that nearly destroyed her. Ashton Kutcher’s cheating ways finally led to the actress filing for a divorce. Unfortunately, his philandering ways caused her a great deal of pain and suffering, and she was forced to enter rehab after collapsing.

According to a new report, Demi is ready to get things off her chest and tell her side of the story. The report suggests Demi has already received a $2 million advance from Harper Collins for the book that promises to blow the lid off of her six-year marriage to Ashton. A source says, “She’s planning to spill all the juicy details on her addictions, her meltdown and her marriages.”

Obviously, not everybody is thrilled to hear about the book, “Demi’s daughters hate the idea – they don’t want their lives laid bare to whole world.” Maybe the book will be therapeutic for Demi. She has been through a lot of drama in the past several years, and this may be one way for her to get rid of it for good. Of course, it also invites more media and speculation into her personal life, which she will not likely appreciate.

Do you think it is a good idea to for Demi Moore to air all her dirty laundry? She may be inviting more heartbreak after she worked so hard to keep her personal problems out of the media.

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