Demi Moore Skips Daughter’s Debutante Ball

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Ever since Demi Moore announced she was divorcing her husband, Ashton Kutcher, she has been trying to stay out of the public eye, so much so that she was recently absent at a family event in Paris.

Tallulah Willis, Demi’s daughter with ex-husband Bruce Willis, was at the Hotel Crillon in Paris this weekend for the Debutante Ball. Her sisters, Rumer and Scout, were by her side as was her father. However, her mother, Demi, was not at the event.

It was never officially announced that Moore would be at the event (just assumed), so it isn’t breaking news, but some wonder why she wouldn’t want to attend such a special event for her youngest daughter. Moore and Willis remained on good terms following their divorce and have always done their best to be there for their daughters, so why not now?

Moore is obviously distraught over the things going on in her life. She has appeared visibly thinner and many are concerned for her.

Bruce Willis was at the ball with his daughters and one source said about Willis:

He was a little different than three years ago [when Scout was a debutante], more reserved. He was there for his daughter, but protective. It wasn’t until around midnight when he danced with Tallulah that you saw him become more relaxed.

Are you surprised that Demi Moore was not there in person to support her daughter?

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