Demi Moore Still Wearing Wedding Ring

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The media is filled with stories and details this week of Ashton Kutcher’s alleged cheating scandal on the anniversary of his wedding to wife Demi Moore. Reports paint a wild picture of Ashton’s night at the San Diego Hard Rock Hotel and Fluxx nightclub. Rumors are flying about the actual status of this powerhouse couple. However, Demi Moore is still wearing her wedding ring, as X17Online discovered.

Demi was spotted at a Los Angeles nail salon on Wednesday in the rain, and despite her efforts to cover up, photographers were able to snap shots that showed her wedding ring still on her ring finger. Fans and insiders have been commenting on her extremely thin frame, and worry that the stress of Ashton Kutcher’s alleged extramarital flings have taken a toll on her.

Neither Ashton Kutcher or Demi Moore have specifically addressed the latest cheating scandal, which is a change in approach after a claim from another woman last year. Instead, they have tweeted vague quotes or statements that surely are aimed at the media storm, while not actually saying the rumors are false. Demi and Ashton were spotted together at Rosh Hashanah services last week at their Los Angeles Kabbalah Centre.

Do you think these two can weather this storm? Do you think the stories of Ashton’s infidelity are true? Should Demi Moore give him another shot, or should she walk away?

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