Demi Moore Taken to Rehab Via Bruce Willis Covert Plan

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Demi Moore was taken to rehab by way of a covert plan put in place by her ex-husband and very dear friend Bruce Willis. What exactly did Bruce have to do to get Demi to rehab?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, it seems that Demi and Bruce’s daughters–Scout, Tallulah and Rumer Willis–as well as Ashton Kutcher, were all involved in the fairly intricate plan as well, with Bruce as the ringleader.

Apparently, Demi Moore Fansnews reports placed Bruce Willis at Demi’s home, along with Ashton Kutcher and the girls several times since her initial hospitalization, but that was nothing but a decoy. Bruce Willis was actually transporting Demi to the rehab center as soon as she was released from the hospital. While all those reports about various people visiting Demi Moore at home following her hospitalization were breaking, she was already checked in at the Cirque Lodge.

Good for Bruce Willis for taking control of Demi Moore’s life-threatening situation and getting the actress promptly checked in to a rehab facility. It will hopefully make a huge difference in the quality of Demi’s life down the road–as well as the lives of their daughters.

How do you think the paparazzi feels now that they know their reports about Bruce Willis and Ashton Kutcher’s visits to Demi Moore at her home aren’t true? Will they be fast to recant their stories or will they make something up to claim that Bruce Willis is lying?

It’s a devious world these paps live–and almost always at the cost of some celebrity’s feelings or reputation. It’s pretty funny that Bruce Willis outwitted them–and got Demi to a place where she can receive some much-needed help at the very same time.

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