Demi Moore to “Punish” Ashton Kutcher?

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Demi Moore is reportedly planning to “punish” Ashton Kutcher during their divorce battle by hitting him where it really hurts — his wallet.

Demi might come off as a pretty easy-going star who does her best to stay centered by getting in touch with her spiritual side (she does practice Kabbalah, after all). However, she can get tough when she needs to (remember G.I. Jane?).Ashton Kutcher + Demi Moore Shankbone 2010

But will Demi really play dirty during her divorce? There doesn’t seem to be much that she can do to hurt Ashton since the couple had a pre-nup, and it’s not like the two have kids to fight over. But what woman would blame Demi Moore for wanting to find some way to get back at Ashton Kutcher? After all, the actor might actually be relieved that his marriage is over – now he can sleep with as many Sara Leals as he wants without having to worry about any repercussions. Well, he will have to worry about STDs and unwanted pregnancies – if he continues to forgo using protection, he might find himself in the same position as Justin Bieber someday (but he’ll be shaking in his shoes if he ever has to wait for DNA test results).

Anyway, Demi Moore is definitely the loser here – she’s now a single woman approaching 50 who was virtually forced to let go of a young man with a big mouth who might know some deep, dark secrets about her. There are rumors that Demi is bisexual; that she and Ashton Kutcher had an open marriage; and that they even had threesomes occasionally. So surely Demi has to be worried about Ashton tweeting something about her that she doesn’t want the world to know someday.

But what can she do to hurt the man that hurt her? According to the Daily Mail, Demi is hoping to acquire part of Ashton’s $140 million fortune.

Interestingly enough, she had their pre-nup put in place originally to protect her own fortune from the up-and-comer she married. However, she allegedly now wants her lawyers to find a way around it so that she can make Ashton literally pay for his actions. So how will she do this?

Apparently Demi is hoping that her lawyers can prove that she contributed to much of what Ashton has achieved. This does sort of seem true – without marrying Demi, he probably would have fallen off of the map after That ’70s Show). Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to overturn a pre-nup, so this battle could get ugly.

So if Demi Moore is actually doing this, what do you think of her plan? Should she try to make Ashton pay, or should she just try to get on with her life, hoping that karma does its job?

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