Demi Moore Wanted to Treat Friends to Leech Beauty Treatment

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Demi Moore has finally gotten rid of life-sucking leech Ashton Kutcher. However, before dumping him, she wanted to treat her friends to being sucked on by real-life leeches.

Ashton definitely has been a bit of a leech to Demi lately, so who can blame her for finally deciding to divorce him? While he might not need to bleed her dry money-wise, he certainly seems to be sucking the life right out of her – Demi has been looking very scary skinny these days.

But while she doesn’t seem to be concerned about packing on a few pounds to look a little younger and fresher, she did have a plan to turn back the clock in honor of her 49<sup>th</sup> birthday.

According to the National Enquirer, Demi Moore is still using leeches to keep herself looking beautiful. The actress revealed this bizarre beauty secret years ago, and since her face does look amazing for her age, there just might be something to it. However, her friends don’t seem to think so.

In honor of her 49<sup>th</sup> birthday, she reportedly wanted to take her friends on a trip to Austria so that they could also try the beauty treatment, which entails having “highly-trained medical leeches” suck blood out of the body while releasing detoxifying enzymes back into the blood. Unsurprisingly, her friends turned her down.

There’s no word on if Demi Moore decided to make the trip alone to get the leech treatment, but it might not be such a good idea — she’s been looking so thin these days that she’s got to be suffering from low iron, so she’d probably pass out if too much blood got sucked out of her bod.

So here’s to hoping she quits worrying about getting leeched for awhile and concentrates on getting healthy now that she doesn’t have to stress out over what stupid thing Ashton Kutcher is going to do next.

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