Demi Moore: Weight Loss Leaves Former Mrs. Kutcher Looking Horrible!

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Demi Moore used to look hot. She was one of the most beautiful women in the world… until Ashton Kutcher cheated on her and her health fell apart. Demi has lost a ton of weight at an alarming rate, and now some are saying she looks horrible.

You can see in her face how small she really has become. “Her face is totally different. … Clearly something has ravaged her looks,” explains Jackie Keller in an interview with RadarOnline. Whether it is stress or an eating disorder (or a combination of both), something has landed her in rehab twice in recent months.

Some are estimating that Demi Moore is down to only 100 lbs. This is quite a change from Demi’s former curves. Of course, when you reportedly try to live on Red Bull and more Red Bull, you won’t be healthy, you will probably be stressed, and you will most likely end up thin and sickly.

The question is this: Will the former Mrs. Kutcher ever get her confidence back enough to regain her health… and her looks? Hopefully at some point, Demi Moore will get her life and health back.

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