Demi Moore: Who is the New Man in Her Life?

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The new man Demi Moore has been with is getting a lot of attention. He is another young man in Hollywood, but he is a model. Blake Corl-Baietti is the one who caught the actress’ eye. Demi Moore’s divorce with Ashton Kutcher was a painful experience and she is now ready to move on. Who is the new man in Demi’s life?

Blake is from Paso Robles and he wrote this on his profile:

“I am as renaissance as it gets. I love anything outdoors, learning as much as I can, and gain any kind of life experience possible. I’d say that is pertinent to my interests in assignments in such a way that I’m willing and able to work in any kind of situation with anyone.”

Demi Moore’s suitor adds that he is “hard working” and “honest” with a great work ethic.

Is this some type of competition between Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher? Over the holidays Ashton was spotted with Lorene Scafaria in Greece. The two were partying pretty hard, but reps for the actor insist the two are just friends. Lorene is a Demi Moore look-alike while Blake looks nothing like Ashton. He has blonde hair and is extremely handsome. Is Demi taking her chances again on a younger man?

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