Demi Moore’s Hospital Stint and Rehab Stay a Precursor to Scientology?

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Recently, Demi Moore was hospitalized and sent to rehab. Some tabloids claim those events are being used as reasons by some celebrities to try and suck Demi away from Kabbalah and back into Scientology. While both Kabbalah and Scientology aren’t considered very mainstream religions to most people. They are very popular amongst celebrities.

Demi Moore 11x17 HD Photo Poster Hot Sexy Actress #03Demi had looked into Scientology in the early 1980s but dropped the religion as her career blossomed. She is now an active member of Kabbalah. Today, religion has become something you can shop around for.

According to the National Enquirer via Celebitchy, “Lisa Marie Presley and Kelly Preston have vowed to save Demi Moore from relapsing into a life or alcohol and drugs—by drawing her back into Scientology!… Demi was truly touched that Kelly and Lisa Marie had her in their thoughts. Her number one priority is to get healthy, and she needs all the friends she can get right now… Kelly called Demi while she was in rehab. After Demi was discharged, Kelly and Lisa Marie talked to her on a conference call. They didn’t bring up Scientology per se, but they did tell Demi that she needed strong, supportive women in her life. Demi was into it, and a girl’s-only lunch is in the works. Kelly and Lisa Marie’s goal is to get Demi involved in the Scientology-based Narconon drug treatment program to maintain her sobriety.”

Whether or not Moore switches from Kabbalah to Scientology should be secondary to her just getting her life back in order. Moore’s decision to go to rehab after being hospitalized proves that she knows she needs help. The events lately surrounding her would be traumatic for anyone. However, it’s twice as hard since Moore is a celebrity. All her dirty laundry has been aired and the tabloids even create more rumors for good measure.

Hopefully, Lisa Marie Presley, Kelly Preston and other celebrities will just provide Demi Moore with the support she needs while not pressuring her to switch to their religion. Moore doesn’t need an additional stress or concerns.

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