Democrats Desperately Make Pathetic Efforts to Find Racism at the RNC (Video)

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Democrats have been struggling to find something, anything, that can prove their narrative that Republicans are racist. Just like the Tea Party, some unscrupulous lefties are going out of their way to turn the Republicans into evil, hate mongering racists.

The ongoing, obvious and silly tactic is only making these Dems look silly and desperate. For example, “USA! USA!” chants were heard when Puerto Rican Republican party functionary Zoraida Fonalledas took the stage at the RNC. Immediately, the loony left was crying foul, but “delegates were actually chanting ‘USA!’ to cancel out the cries of supporters of libertarian Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul.” Who are these Ron Paul fans, anyway? Where is their dignity? The tactics they are using lately are reminiscent of the Occupy Wall Street M.O. of drowning out speakers, completely disrespecting their First Amendment rights.

Ms. Fonalledas was quite gracious about the whole incident, she said, “Those that didn’t know me will know me, and they will know Puerto Rico.”

Republican Elephant - Icon by DonkeyHoteyThe incident did not stop irresponsible “journalists” from gleefully reporting about racism at the RNC, however. Jack Hitt from Harpers wrote, “None of us could quite believe what we were seeing: A sea of twenty-something bowties and cowboy hats morphing into frat bros apparently shrieking over (or at) a Latina,” and that the incident “…might well have been an ugly outburst of nativism.” How irresponsible.

Of course, being irresponsible is not unusual for those in the mainstream media, as another attempt to prove Republican racism was “reported” by CNN, which announced, “Two people were removed from the Republican National Convention Tuesday after they threw nuts at an African-American CNN camera operator and said, ‘This is how we feed animals.’

Nothing else. No further information. This is all that is needed, apparently, to prove that racist Republicans were at the RNC. Who were these people? What exactly happened? Was there an argument? Who heard the remark? Of course, the lack of information did not stop David Shuster of CNN from repeatedly tweeting about the incident, and for the Washington Post, USAToday, The Huffington Post, and many, many others to report on the “story,” with no real facts, but with plenty of condescending “I told you so.” The Daily Herald makes the leap for the headline, “Republicans throw nuts at black camerawoman.” Do they know something CNN does not? Wolf Blitzer called the incident “truly shocking” and can be seen here:

The ridiculous “news” story prompted intense outrage… again, with no real facts—no witnesses or names of any of those involved in the incident… that a YouTube video was posted, the lovely gentleman in the video rants about the incident, saying in part, “You f***ing racists, I hate you motherf***ers so bad!” and “I want to punch you motherf***ers and break your face!” Perhaps the lefties should consider that they may be inciting violence with these faux news stories.

Watch the video here (Caution! Extremely foul language!):

Earlier this week, Chris Matthews said that Mitt Romney’s joke about his birthplace was racist, and Washington Bureau Chief David Chalian was fired after he was caught by a “hot mic” while covering the RNC on Monday. Referring to Ann and Mitt Romney, he said, “They are happy to have a party with black people drowning.” It can be heard in the background audio here:

These incidents are reminiscent of many examples of shoddy reporting and reflects the overall mentality that have taken over the Democrats in the mainstream media and beyond. The desperate glee when anything resembling racism from the right is eagerly lapped up and reported ad nauseum with little or no factual evidence. Yet, actual racism, such as the ongoing disgusting displays by the New Black Panther Party, are rarely reported. Why?

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