Democrats Looking at Arizona Senate Seat

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Arizona Senator Jon Kyl is not running for reelection in 2012. People speculated about Sarah Palin becoming its next senator. Palin said it was not her plan. Now the democrats believe the vacant senate seat can be a win for them.

Democrats in Washington see an opportunity ripe for the picking as Jon Kyl retires after three terms. However, Arizona is a red state and even without an incumbent running against the candidate, it will be a hard campaign for any Democrat.

The Republicans already have a strong front-runner, Congressman Jeff Flake. A candidate for the Democrats has yet to emerge. The public favorite would be Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. She is still in rehab and her political future is uncertain.

If Giffords is unable to run, the Democrats do not have an alternative candidate coming forward. The Tucson shooting has left a large hole in Arizona’s small democrat base. Giffords is one of only a few democrats well liked in a largely republican state.

Can the Democrats win a senate seat in a predominantly red state? A run for an open seat would be easier; however, the Democrats need a strong well-liked opponent for Jeff Flake. As Gabrielle Giffords future in politics is unclear, no other Democrat is rising to the challenge to win over voters.

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