Denise Richards Had Lesbian Experience with Another Celebrity

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Denise Richards recently told Howard Stern that she had a lesbian experience with another celebrity (and she wasn’t talking about Neve Campbell in Wild Things).

On The Howard Stern Show, Denise admitted that she once became curious about what it would be like to get intimate with another woman. Of course, Howard was dying to know who Charlie Sheen’s ex chose to have a lesbian encounter with, but she teasingly told him: “You would know who she is. I just met her through friends and work and stuff… I was just curious. We were curious. She was a girly-girl. She’s beautiful.”

DSC_2009Since Denise Richards said she met her female fling through friends, she probably wasn’t referring to Neve Campbell, whom she made out with in the movie, Wild Things. Denise has starred alongside plenty of female sex symbols, including Pamela Anderson, Jenny McCarthy, and her former friend, Heather Locklear, so perhaps one of them introduced her to another girl into girls. But who could she have had her lesbian experience with?

For some reason, it seems very possible that Carmen Electra was her conquest—they’ve been photographed together, and it seems that they’d be hanging around in the same circle (the group of gals that all groupies aspire to be—rock star girlfriends and wives). Plus there have been rumors that Carmen Electra is bisexual—she was once even linked to lesbian rocker Joan Jett (well, at least everyone is pretty convinced she’s a lesbian—Joan hasn’t actually admitted it herself).

So who do you think Denise Richards had a lesbian experience with? Or do you think she just made up her sexy story for Howard Stern’s amusement? Sound off in the comments!

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