Denise Richards Keeps Kids Away from Charlie Sheen

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Denise Richards is doing all she can to keep her children away from Charlie Sheen and the media madness that surrounds him. She is ignoring interviews and paparazzi, so the children are not exposed to Sheen’s behavior.

While Charlie Sheen’s rants fascinate the rest of Hollywood, Richards wants her daughters Sam and Lola out of the limelight. The girls are seven and five.

Denise Richards is the 40-year-old ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, and the children are from that failed marriage. She says that she has them listening to XM Radio Disney to avoid the news about their father. What a devoted mother she is. These children do not need to hear Sheen’s rants.

According to Hollybaby, “Denise also has to be careful around increased paparazzi as well, cutting off questions on a recent shopping trip with her daughters by saying, ‘Please don’t ask anything about that in front of the girls.'”

Sheen obviously is not as wise as Denise Richards. He does not seem to care what anyone thinks, and what harm this might do to his children. He has poisoned his own life and career, but his children should not be involved. 

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