Denise Richards Says Charlie Sheen Is a Good Dad

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Denise Richards claims that Charlie is a good father to their two daughters Sam and Lola. Really?

In what might be the most shocking piece of news to hit the media in months, Denise Richards says that Charlie is a good father to their daughters. Either something changed drastically or something’s very fishy about this claim.

Sheen, the father to Lola and Sam, “is a proper dad” to them, according to Richards. In fact, she claims that they are not only on speaking terms once again, but that they speak daily with each other.

Denise explained a bit about how this can be true to Us Weekly. “When both of us are focused on the kids, it makes a world of difference. When he’s having fun and doing his thing, then that’s what he’s doing. When he’s focused on being a dad, he’s there with the kids.”

Actually, when she puts it that way, it does make sense. When Charlie places his focus on the children and not his ‘goddesses’ or his crazy, often incoherent rants, then he is a good father. Most people often operate in a similar way. Focus is key in anything you want to do properly, and that includes being a parent.

Hopefully, for everyone’s sake, that Charlie’s focus doesn’t diminish and that he can be there for the girls as they likely would want him to be.

Denise also says she did not let the girls find out about the goddesses, nor did she ever bad-mouth him to the children.

“I didn’t want to be sitting here as a bitter ex-wife trashing my ex-husband and saying all these nasty things about the father of my children,” Denise said.

Kudos to Denise for not only being a great role model to the girls, but one to Sheen as well. He might have trash-talked her during his tour, but she took the high road and still left the door open for him when he decided to straighten out and be the father that the girls needed him to be.

How many women out there would have put up with everything she has been through and still be able to praise his parenting? Not many at all.

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