Denise Richards Shields Daughters from Sheen Drama

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Denise Richards, pre-Brooke ex-wife of Charlie Sheen, is trying hard to shield their two daughters, Sam and Lola, six and five, from the drama surrounding their father, his lifestyle, and his two live-in “goddesses”, reports MailOnline. It couldn’t be easy. So what do women like to do when the going gets rough? Go shopping, of course.

This week Denise Richards took her daughters shopping at MaddyÂ’s Market in Calabasas, California. But wait! IsnÂ’t that a food store? With shopping carts out front? And they came out with one bag? Who does that? Not exactly a fun place to hang out, but they have been pretty much hiding out since the whole mess got so open. So maybe this was simply a cookie run.File:Denise Richards 2009.jpg

Everyone dressed California casual. Denise Richards even wore flip-flops and torn jeans. And the girls are adorable, of course. Kids five and six notice things more than two-year-olds do. Bob and Max only want to feel warm, loved, and well-fed. The girls can tell “goddesses” from “nannies”. So Denise has been keeping them secluded—and away from Charlie Sheen. Denise is said to believe contact with his current lifestyle is too much of a risk.

Most of all, the family would like to see all this over and the situation with Charlie Sheen normalized. But really, Denise Richards must wonder—what is normal?

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