Dennis Hopper Broke and Sick

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Dennis Hopper weighs a little more than 100 pounds and he’s broke or close to it.  Dennis Hopper has cancer, and he has offered his wife $5000. a month in spousal support, but she’s not having it.

She claims Dennis Hopper has artwork, but Hopper’s attorney claims it cost him as much as the art is worth just to take care of the art or close to it.

Dennis Hopper’s CPA claims that the actor lived off of $57,000 last year in residuals for his movies.  So sad.

Dennis Hopper is worth a mere $300,280. in total liquid assets, and another $10,900 in Hopper corporations.  Dennis Hopper is living with cancer, weighs about 100 pounds and has to fight with his ex-wife.

Hopper’s attorney says Dennis Hopper is living off $450,000 line of credit and when it’s gone he can not borrow any more.

This is just shocking, and so sad.


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