Dennis Hopper dead at 74, Estate battle may be looming.

Dennis Hopper may be gone but his wife may sharpening her claws. Hopper died yesterday, leaving sad fans and and what Dennis had hoped would be an Ex-Wife. I guess he didnt act fast enough. Hoppers wife Victoria, which he was trying to divorce prior to his death, according to TMZ is set to battle for the estate or at least 25% of Hoppers fortune not including a $250,000 life insurance policy. The catch is this. According to the prenuptial agreement between the two of them, his wife the couple had to be married at the time of his death and be living together. But was she or was she simply a guest on his property?

While she wasnt living in the house with Hopper, she was staying on the property in a separate house. Its expected she will say that per the agreement she is entitled to receive the money and the life insurance since she was staying on the property. To me living together is living as a couple under the same roof and sleeping in the same bed. Of course the law may look at it different. Victoria, earlier in the month stated the Dennis wasnt that sick. Guess this is one of those open mouth, insert foot, and swallow the leg moments.

Dennis Hopper passed away Saturday from Prostate cancer. He was 74. Hopefully he is at peace now.


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