Dennis Hopper dead in movies only – Hollywood star struggles with prostate cancer

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It was reported not long ago that Dennis Hopper has been battling with prostate cancer.  However searches for “Dennis Hopper dead” have come up recently, and there’s no reason to believe the 73-year old actor has died.  In fact just today he received the 2,403rd star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame. 

According to various reports, Hopper has been looking scrawnier since his battle with cancer.  His doctor reported Hopper weighs just 100 pounds at one point, and with his recent appearance for the star unveiling it was noted he looked like he “lost a significant amount of weight”.  Hopper’s doctor also reported that Hopper was not physically well enough to attend a deposition in the divorce case that is ongoing with his wife.  The divorce was initiated by Hopper after 14 years of marriage and has resulted in a bitter case with his wife claiming Hopper is trying to take away her inheritance.

Hopper required help up to the stage to deliver his acceptance speech at the star reception ceremony.  He also told a tale about the paparazzi who caused him to fall just yesterday, when they yelled his name and he fell on his face due to lack of muscles.  Also at the ceremony were Hopper’s Hollywood friends Jack Nicholson and Viggo Mortensen.  Some of the movies to Hopper’s illustrious Hollywood credit are “Easy Rider”, “Speed”, “Boiling Point” and “Blue Velvet”.

So Dennis Hopper is still alive and well.  In fact it was reported that the Hollywood star unveiling Friday had a “cheerful atmosphere” with Hopper’s fans in attendance.  Although Hopper did require help to the stage to speak and seemed to have “labored words”, the actor is still doing his best at age 73. Hopper is much like those movie villains that keep coming back, but in this case that’s a good thing.  The other good thing now – the only place you’ll see Dennis Hopper dead is in several of his movies including Blue Velvet, Speed and Waterworld where he played those unlikable villains.

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