Dennis Hopper Died Today

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Dennis Hopper died today at his home near Los Angeles of complications from prostate cancer. He was 74.


Hopper is best known for directing and starring in the cult classic, Easy Rider. He received an Oscar nomination for Easy Rider, along with co-star Peter Fonda and Terry Southern.


According to the article on about Hopper, Easy Rider “helped usher in a new era in which the old Hollywood guard was forced to cede power to young filmmakers such as Francis Ford Copploa and Martin Scorsese.”


Quoting this article: Hollywood Hellraiser Dennis Hopper Dead At 74

The low-budget blockbuster, originally conceived by Fonda, introduced mainstream moviegoers to pot-smoking, cocaine-dealing, long-haired bikers.

“We’d gone through the whole ’60s and nobody had made a film about anybody smoking grass without going out and killing a bunch of nurses,” Hopper told Entertainment Weekly in 2005. “I wanted ‘Easy Rider’ to be a time capsule for people about that period.”


And so it was.


His other credits included appearing with James Dean in “Rebel Without a Cause” and “Giant” and in playing maniacs in “Apocalypse Now”, “Blue Velvet” and “Speed.”


Besides the Oscar nomination for Easy Rider, he received one for his role as an alcoholic high-school basketball coach in “Hoosiers.”


Stories abound about Hopper’s odd and often mean behaviors in his early career years. And he starred in some “bad” movies for the money. But in later years, he mellowed and even became a Republican.


He was a photographer, a painter and a sculptor.



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