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Dennis Hopper files divorce on his wife of 14 years Victoria Duffy Hopper. Dennis and Victoria Hopper have one child, Galen Grier Hopper born in 2003. Hopper had been diagnosed with prostate cancer in Oct. of 2009. In January, doctors noticed that the prostate cancer had spread to Hopper’s bones and he only had one month to live. Listening to his advisors and adult children of previous marriages, Hopper chose to file divorce on his wife Victoria after 14 years of marriage and 1 child together. Victoria Hopper claims that her husband divorcing her is in direct correlation to the pressure from his advisors and adult children, especially because the prenuptial agreement that was signed by Dennis and Victoria prior to their marriage in 1996. The judge recently unsealed the pre-nup agreement and it indicates that Dennis Hopper receives everything except what Victoria came into the marriage with which is her own separate property, two bookcases full of books, two computers, a 1973 VW Karmann Ghia, and her grandma’s furniture. Victoria Hopper would have received a $250,000 life insurance property and 25% of everything in his will if she had still been living with Dennis Hopper at the time of his death, which of course they are no longer living together. In my opinion, Victoria Hopper totally got the shaft and Dennis Hopper is rude and insensitive. I mean I would understand if Victoria and Dennis had been married for only a couple of years, but this couple has been marriage a long 14 years. Poor Victoria Hopper!

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