Dennis Hopper dying of Prostate Cancer finally receives his Star Of Hollywood

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Dennis HopperLegendary actor Dennis Hopper, 73 is undergoing chemotherapy for prostate cancer. Based off recent divorce documents Hopper is dying of cancer and is too weak to asnwer any questions from any lawyers regarding the divorce. He and his soon to be ex wife Victoria separated in January due to the extra added stress from him battling the disease.

“The pressure of his estranged wife is hampering Mr. Hopper’s present cancer care.” Dr. David Argus said

He added that the less Hopper has to deal with his wife the more time he has to live.

A divorce hearing is set for April 5th in Los Angeles where Victoria’s lawyers are requesting a desposition. However Hopper’s lawyer said Victoria continues to cause emotional distress and that it could threaten his ability to survive longer. He says Hopper weighs a little over 100 pounds, he is extremely weak and he gets tired fast.

Hopper’s peraonal assistant says, Hopper can only have brief conversations for short periods of time. Along with the stress Hopper’s finances are declining. The cost of his cancer treatments have exceeded the $58,000 annual he’s received. The last job he did was the final season to “Crash” television series.

The good news is at least Hopper can finally see where his years of acting has got him. On Friday he received his Star Of Hollywood. Hopper began his acting career in the 50s and has continued his career for nearly 6 decades.

We wish Hopper the best in his therapy and I am glad he received his star of fame which he should have gotten before now!

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