Dennis Hopper Received Hollywood Star Before Dying (VIDEO)

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Dennis Hopper is honored with the 2; 403rd Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Dennis Hopper, 73, was honored Friday on Hollywood Blvd. with his own Hollywood Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Hopper was able to make the appearance despite his very frail condition due to prostate cancer.  He was strong enough to make a thank you speech at the podium and even had a sense of humor.  Hopper has a bandage just above his right eye thanks to the paparazzi.  Apparently one of the paparazzi called out his name and Hopper turned quickly to look, but lost his balance and fell on his face.  He understands it’s their job, Hopper stated in his speech, but wants them to be a little more cautious next time. 

At this point in Hopper’s health, he’s considered to be terminally ill and cannot undergo chemotherapy.  He’s down to a mere 100 pounds, very weak and gets tired if he has to talk for long periods. 

Unfortunately, Hopper is battling a divorce with his wife Victoria and is unable to undergo a disposition for fear it will have an adverse effect on his already grave health. 

Even though the divorce between Hopper and his wife has been bitter, Victoria had kind words to say about his Hollywood Star according to Access Hollywood.  She stated, “Dennis has had a long and amazing career.  He well deserves this honor.  I hope he has a wonderful day.”

Well known films Hopper has been a star of include: Easy Rider, Apocalypse Now, Blue Velvet, and Hoosiers.

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