Dennis Rodman back taxes owed

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Former NBA star Dennis Rodman owes Uncle Sam money. A new report claims that he owes over $40,000 in back taxes.

“On May 11 California filed a $42,497 tax lien against the 49-year-old with the Orange County Recorder of Deeds,” the Chicago Tribune reports. Evidently Rodman still hasn’t paid up because he is in the news again.

Dennis Rodman, 2001Rodman hasn’t had the easiest go over the past decade or so. He showed some really serious problems with alcohol on Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice but he has been relatively quiet nonetheless. He’s fallen off the map, like many popular retired athletes – and sometimes that’s a good thing.

What’s interesting about this back taxes report is that Rodman apparently received a refund check from the state of California for about the same amount of money as what he is said to owe (The Chicago Tribune).

Things will likely be sorted out soon and this won’t turn in to a bigger issue.

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