Dennis Rodman Gives Radio Interview While Having Sex

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When Dennis Rodman falls off the wagon, he does it just as he’s always done everything else:  outrageously and all the way.  The former NBA basketball star, former Dr. Drew Pinsky’s Celebrity Rehab reality show star, and ex-husband of none other than Carmen Electra recently gave an interview on a Miami radio show in which he seemed to be intoxicated. He was. And that wasn’t all.

Rodman was also having sex. Yes, sex. And he was doing it while he was being interviewed on the phone.  According to TMZ, Rodman gave a call-in interview to the Jorge Sedano Show on Tuesday morning.  It started out as a routine interview, but what was supposed to have been a discussion of the Miami Heat quickly degenerated into a series of moans, groans, and heavy breathing from the unidentified woman who, according to Rodman, was in his bed.  The interview ended immediately thereafter.

Apparently, it was erased from Rodman’s mind just as quickly.  He later claimed to remember none of it.  A spokesperson for the formerly creatively costumed basketball great issued the following statement:  “Dennis was clearly intoxicated and doesn’t remember much.  (He) wants to apologize to his family, friends, and fans.”  Added the rep:  “It was a bad day for Rodman’s ongoing alcohol issues.” Talk about understatements.

So far, the unidentified woman has not come forward.  As for Rodman, maybe it’s time to give Dr. Drew (or whatever shrink, sponsor, or sober living companion he’s seeing these days) a call.  Pronto.

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