Dennis Rodman Makes Friends with North Korean Leader

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Dennis Rodman, ex-basketball star who was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2011, was seen sitting next to North Korean leader Kim Jon Un at a basketball exhibition in North Korea.

Dennis Rodman tatoosIt was reported in on Thursday morning that Rodman spent a basketball exhibition with the communist leader. The game was a split team of the Harlem Globetrotters in which Rodman did not participate.

Rodman, known for his wild antics, loud tattoos, and wearing makeup, made friends with one of the most conservative people on this planet. If this was the 1960s, Rodman would have joined the Jane Fonda wagon.

It is a rare site to see, the leader of North Korea and Rodman. Both together having a good time while their views on politics are completely different. Well, Rodman is not known for politics, but he is known for being very liberal in which he emits through his behavior and his eccentric style of dressing.

The article also reported that Dennis Rodman told Kim Jon Un that he is a “friend for life.” This could make many people wonder how many more times these two are going to watch basketball together.

It is a crazy move by the ex-basketball star to sit down and chat next to a leader that is not liked in the United States, especially after North Korea has been testing nuclear weapons in the last few months.

In the end, Rodman is most likely trying to preach peace by befriending Kim Jon Un. Maybe Rodman went to North Korea to represent Metta World Peace. Who knows? It’s either that, or Rodman is now an official U.S. spy.

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