Dennis Rodman Talks North Korea, Kim Jong Un

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Maybe the last person anyone would expect to make a diplomatic visit to a hostile foreign country is Dennis Rodman. However, that is exactly what Rodman did and he spent time in North Korea with totalitarian ruler Kim Jong Un. Rodman did a recent interview with George Stephanopoulos of ABC News about his trip.

In the ABC News interview, Rodman said that Kim Jong Un said he did not File:Dennis Rodman, 2001.jpgwant a war, and would like for President Barack Obama to call him to discuss the issues between the two countries. Kim Jong Un is 28 years old, and honestly that might be a good way to start to solve the problems in that part of the world.

While North Korea has been making waves in the world with their nuclear arms program, including rumors they are aimed directly at the United States, there are always better ways to settle world problems than just bombing another country. If there is something that the United States and North Korea can do to ease tensions without sending in armed forces to kill more people, that might be something to consider.

Now, Dennis Rodman is not the first person anyone might think of when it comes to world issues, but he made some amazing comments in the interview. The man who was once nicknamed “The Worm” said that he loved everyone and really got to know the North Korean ruler, calling him a friend. He said he does not condone anything that Kim Jong Un has done, or what his country has done, but as a person he said there is a lot to like.

This is an interesting statement. A lot of Americans like to look at people like Kim Jong Un and see them as monsters, but at the end of the day, they are human beings, and there is always a chance for a human to find retribution. Kim Jong Un is not his father, and there is a chance that he could turn his country around and make a difference in the world. Rodman said he sees it, and makes the plea for President Obama to make a phone call as well.

Many people just want to run in and kill everyone they disagree with. That is a statement that refers to both the dangerous North Korea regime, as well as Americans who see no other option than to pull the trigger. Maybe it is time to give peace talks a chance.

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