Dennis Rodman’s Hall of Fame Speech, Outfits Inspire Love

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Dennis Rodman’s Hall of Fame speech has inspired lots of love on Twitter. The star basketball player’s outfits also inspired plenty of comments, and a lot of people actually liked them.

Dennis RodmanSome people loved the flamboyant star’s outfit for the evening, which was rather subdued for him. He did, however, have a wardrobe change. Rodman hit the red carpet in a feathered cap, but as he gave his speech, he had on a sliver, sparkling shirt along with a black jacket trimmed in red with his initials blinged on the front, and his teams—the Pistons and the Bulls—glittering on the back along with a flaming basketball.

Jimmy Alapag tweeted, “Watching Dennis Rodman’s Hall of Fame induction speech. His passion for the game is inspiring, and he’s showing in it his speech. #Legend.” Yet another fan Kenneth True tweeted, “I loved Dennis Rodman’s speech showed a different side of him many haven’t seen. One of the best speeches I’ve seen.”

Overall the consensus seems to be that the speech was heartfelt and real. People were impressed by it. Also, many were incredibly shocked to hear that he is the oldest of 47 children. Whoa!

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