Dentist: ‘Bares Cleavage to Ease Fear’

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A dentist in Germany says she’ll “bare cleavage to ease the fears” of her clients! What a truly thoughtful woman! The dentist is so thoughtful that she is even insisting her nurses do File:Dentist chairs.JPGthe same thing. Apparently, the fear of many adults is to go to the dentist but once there, cleavage will ease all worries.

In fact, Dr Marie-Catherine Klarkowski is taking things a step farther than just unbuttoning some buttons, she’s actually purchased “Alpine lounge” themed low top cut outfits for her and her staff. Seriously? Talk about being professional! The dentist stated that outfits were purely a means to beat her competition while easing the fears of clients.

Klarkowski stated, “Some patients’ mouths are already wide open on entering the practice… The competition doesn’t sleep. I know colleagues who have decorated their whole practice with Mickey Mouse and one even in Star Trek style.”

Dr Marie-Catherine KlarkowskiÂ’s dental office has definitely been successful at beating out its competitors because her dental office, Relax & Smile, in Munich has already gotten a 30% increase of clients since they switched to their cleavage baring outfits. Apparently, itÂ’s not all about easing oneÂ’s fear of a dentistÂ’s drill, itÂ’s about the money. Big surprise!

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