DENVER 1925.

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Why my mother went
And married him is
Beyond me, Betty

Said, her legs up on
The desk, holding a
Newspaper on her

Knees, some women have
No taste, she went on,
Letting a smile form

On her lips, giving
You and Marion
A lifted eyes stare.

Marion sat there
Listening as if
It was God’s own word,

Allowing the words
To penetrate, the
Meaning to hang

Around her mind like
A hangover. You
Looked away from them,

Focused on the wide
Window, the buildings
Opposite, the grey

Sky beyond, Betty’s
Words a sound in the
Background and you there

Sitting on the desk,
Remembering Sam’s
Kisses, his firm hold,

The film, the walk home,
The promises that
You could make love at

His place but his kid
Sister was there now
Having split from her

Husband and having
No other place to
Go, he let her stay

In the spare room at
His apartment and
So he took you to

Your place and looking
Up at the window
He saw your mother

Looking down with one
Of her faces on
And said goodnight and

Squeezed your hand and left,
And then Betty said,
Bringing you back to

The moment, if she
Hadn’t let him I
Suppose I wouldn’t

Be here, and so all
Things have their price, and
Letting out a loud

Laugh she threw back her
Head and as she did,
You saw your mother’s

Ice stern features there
Looking back instead.

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