Denver International Airport Has Wascally Wabbits!

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People returning from trips who left their cars parked at Denver International Airport might be in for a surprise. It seems bunnies have taken over the parking lots. A shuttle bus driver reports seeing dozens each morning scurrying around the parking lot to safety as she drives through the lot to pick-up and deliver travelers. Most people think bunnies are cute, don’t they? Those long ears, fluffy golden brown and gray hair, a perpetual wiggling nose and cotton tail…

What’s not so cute is an $800 repair to the wiring under the hood of your car like one man in Denver had. Those wascally wabbits are apparently cold and really love to cozy up under the hood of a warm car. And they nibble on ignition wires to kill time while hanging out under a warm engine.

Looking for the parking lot or the airport to pay your repair fees? Look again. They are not responsible for rabbit damage. Most insurance companies won’t pay either.

So, USAirport Parking is installing new, better fences to make it harder for the little vermin to get into the parking lot area. Mechanics also suggest spraying your wires with fox or coyote urine to scare the bunnies away. They are also installing perches to make bunny visibility better for hungry hawks and eagles. And as a last resort, they are removing 100 rabbits per month until all these preventative measures can be put into place at Denver International Airport parking facilities.

Who knew rabbits were so naughty?

Image Source: CBS Denver

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