Denzel Washington Dead? Tops Trending Topics

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“Denzel Washington dead?” is topping trending topics across the board, leaving fans of the veteran actor wondering if he is dead or alive and how he met his demise.

However, the idea that Denzel Washington is dead is nothing but a rumor. The actor is just the latest victim of a celebrity death hoax, made up by someone out there who thinks it is funny to have a laugh on the behalf of fans.

According to Gossip cop, Denzel Washington died after a snowmobile accident. This same story has been used so many times already that you’d think people would second-guess it, but they don’t. Instead they share the link on social networking sites, spreading the fake story faster than ever.

So, when you see the words “Denzel Washington dead” don’t believe it because he is actually (confirmed) to be in Atlanta shooting a movie with no chance of riding a snowmobile in the near future.

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