Deron Williams to Dallas Mavericks a Fear of Avery Johnson

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A Deron Williams trade to the Dallas Mavericks might make sense for the New Jersey Nets, but could become the worst fear of Nets coach Avery Johnson coming true. Every NBA analyst knows that Mavericks owner Mark Cuban wants to go after an elite point guard in the offseason and Williams is the best fit in every sense of the word.

The fear that Williams will leave New Jersey and become a free agent at the end of the season is a real one. Johnson talked about it after a Nets practice on Monday (Feb. 27), stating that, “He’s a threat, OK? I know the guy. I think because of the success he’s had.” The Mavericks will have the room to offer him a huge contract at the end of the season and that could become one of the reasons that Williams decides not to use his player option to return to the Nets.

To say that the Nets are struggling this season is a severe understatement. The team is heading right back to the NBA Lottery with a 10-25 record through the first half of the season. That is the third worst record in the Eastern Conference and the fourth worst in the entire NBA. That bodes well if the team wants to move up the draft board, but it isn’t a scenario that will make superstar players like Williams want to say in New Jersey.

The only real hope of retraining Williams is to get a trade done with the Orlando Magic that brings Dwight Howard up to New Jersey. Howard is a good reason for Williams to stay with the Nets and probably the only way that the franchise stays relevant as it heads to Brooklyn next year.

Do you think that Deron Williams should just head to play for the Dallas Mavericks in the offseason? Should the New Jersey Nets simply trade Williams to ensure they get value for him?

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