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On Time

“Procrastination is the thief of time.” Charles Dickens, Edward Young

“Punctuality is the thief of time.” Oscar Wilde


‘Twas a terrible procrastinator

Who put everything off until later.

When at last he was asked,

“Why put off every task?”

He replied, “I’m an excellent waiter!”

My philosophy of life, I like to say,

A surefire method of avoiding sorrow,

Is not to do a single thing today,

If you can put it off until tomorrow.

Brittle orange leaves

Clinging, singing in the wind

Never Let Me Go

Art, they say, is long, and life is shortest…

Those tattoos will last longer on a tortoise.

Those who insist timeliness is next to godliness should remember that punctuality is a peculiarly Western European, post-Industrial Revolution construct.

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