Design and Art as Teleological Non-Contingent Modal Possibility

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Design is a problem of the criterion, and teleology refers to purpose of the Universe. One can find purpose regardless of structure.

If the purpose of God is to train humanity a certain way perhaps with increased capability for independent, reliable thought of some value to divine purpose, the Universe probably exists in conformity to that purpose. If so the design is not in the structure perhaps so much as the effects it has upon relationships, upon human understanding and so forth. How to have faith in temporal and difficult to define criteria. The problem of the criterion (Chisholm’s title) is present.

I have thought that perhaps one purpose of God might be in utilizing art within engineering actualizations–if a lighter, spacier use of quanta is desired with universal forces interacting locally and non-locally then He has created kind of a masterpiece–yet one would like to view other galaxies and Universes obviously in order to better appreciate the Divine constructions. I will repost a piece on God as good–and compare a little of our fallen human nature to the criterion.

God is perfect–he is not ‘one of the guys’. He is approachable soley through the Son or otherwise as he discloses purposeful interaction. His essence is impeccably holy while human beings are temporal and fallen such that they write onerous chat-room like posts attacking good. We can only thank predestination that we need not read all of those wicked posts hidden from easy view down below in the nether-regions of internet discord.

God’s nature is absolutely perfect and mysterious. Perhaps he is experimenting with creating light constructions of universes with quanta spaced apart with intervals. God must redirect limited beings with less than His omniscience toward correct actions–to rightful paths that will allow at least syncopation in simultaneous constructions between the divine and the all-too-human.

Creating a multi-verse. Expanding scalar fields from non-dimensional singularties that are simply apparent proximal starts–these are good things that have allowed goodness to flow, along of course with human wickedness–and that of the original lost and fallen creature of mindless self-will.

One might wonder about necessity–modal requisites for a particular kind of behavior, and inquire also about the validity of subjective value judgments…can the pot judge the potter? May the tornado judge the storm? What spoken word to begin cracked isotropies into the unified field of the singularity and unified field? Nothing less than the divine wind brings the energization of when..


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