Designed On No Dime~Mother's Day Special

I close my eyes and see

a cool Sunday afternoon in Bay

family ready to spend time in prayer

peace, happiness sunshine all the way.




Me wearing  floral black blouse

laptop closed with a sleeping mouse

kitchen sparkling

spices spreading aroma in the house.





Younger; not really cranky





elder ready with a card well-painted

hubby in my fav color, not watching CNN

smiles, hugs and kisses much awaited.


Life's no more a stranger

dialing the past, recalling

rewrapping my late mom

feeling her perfect touch

plucking a tear

managing a smile



I open my eyes and see 

table inviting with flowers

a day with no errands

 attention, co-operation and  quality time

all valuable gifts around me

house designed on no dime

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I believe in creating happiness through my positive energies. I dislike to find it in all the wrong places.In the end the only things that matter is who you help and who you hurt.

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