‘Desperate Housewives’ 8: Spoilers for Week 1, September 25 episode

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Finally, the suspense is almost over now that Desperate Housewives 8 premieres on Sunday. When the show’s last episode aired in May, Carlos murdered Gaby’s stepfather, who abused her when she was young. In preview spoilers released by Zap2it, the women on Wisteria Lane stick together by covering up their role in burying him.

Susan ends up withdrawing from her family and friends, Lynette is suffering from guilt over her participation in addition to her separation from Tom, Bree must be clever in hiding the secret from her detective boyfriend, and Gaby tries to reach out to Carlos when he’s affected by severe depression over the murder he committed.

Desperate Housewives 8 is the final season for the hit ABC series. The character who plays Mary Alice Strong is reportedly set to get more air time before the series finale wraps up next May. She has narrated the storylines as a deceased woman watching the lives of Gaby, Susan, Bree, and Lynette unfold on Wisteria Lane.

Watch the premiere episode of Desperate Housewives 8 Monday, September 25 on ABC at 9:00 p.m., ET/PT.

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