Desperate Housewives review (3/21 – contains spoilers)

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The newest Desperate Housewives appeared tonight and there didn’t seem to be much movement on any of the main storylines.

This was definitely more of a filler episode, perhaps the calm before the storm when everything goes down on Wisteria Lane.

Of all the storylines between the housewives, which one are you most interested in?

Lynette: Her son has married a woman whom Lynette thinks is just after the kid’s money. He really doesn’t have any though because the family is way too big. Lynette is out to prove just exactly what the little pop tart from Europe is.

Gabrielle: Gaby is still dealing with her niece, but she has sent her to New York, where the problem has seemingly calmed down.

Bree: A boy has showed up claiming to be Rex’s son from before he and Bree were married. He seems to want to be the son that Bree and Rex never had. Andrew had been a huge problem for years, but was finally able to grow up. But he still seems to be upset with the new guy trying to worm his way into the family.

Katherine: Is she gay or not?

Angie: Is seems her past is finally coming back to haunt her. However, do we really care about this because she has only been on the show for one season and has been fairly hostile the entire time she has been on Wisterina Lane.


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