‘Desperate Housewives’ Spoilers: Major Character Death Coming

Some major Desperate Housewives spoilers have come out in the Nicollette Sheridan case and a major character on the show is about to die. The news has been spreading like wildfire, with Entertainment Weekly confirming in an interview the identity of the character biting the dust. There are spoilers coming up in this article, so stop reading at this point if you don’t want to learn about them.

The shocking revelation on the show is that James Denton’s character (Mike Delfino) is going to meet his end on the March 11 episode of the show. That is a huge spoiler, especially with the show just two months from coming to a close in the series finale. The news about Delfino’s death has been a very well-kept secret by the producers and ABC, but the ongoing court case led to it getting leaked far too early.

Delfino is married on screen to the character played by Teri Hatcher and would have been very close to lasting the entire run of the show. His death on March 11 won’t be his last episode though, because as with everything else on Desperate Housewives, there are going to be flashbacks involving his character. There is also a funeral episode (of course) so that viewers of the show can get a little bit of closure as the show winds down in the coming weeks.

What do you think about this huge Desperate Housewives spoiler? Are you sad about James Denton leaving the show early? Any guess on how the show will come to an end?

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