Desperate Justin Bieber Calling, Texting Selena Gomez Non-Stop — Sad, Shocking New Details

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Justin Bieber has certainly been acting out since Selena Gomez dumped him. He’s been stopped by the cops for “joyriding” in his white Ferrari, and he’s gone on a couple of shopping sprees. But Biebs hasn’t just been spinning his wheels. JB is reportedly so desperate to win Selena Gomez back that he’s reportedly calling and texting her non stop.

“He has been calling and texting her,” tattled a source close to JB, adding, “he’s been reaching out to her friends.”

Poor Biebs. Seriously, poor Biebs. Apparently, his sincere, heartfelt, and annoyingly incessant attempts to get Selena’s attention aren’t working. In fact, on November 11, La Gomez reportedly “gave her phone to a friend” while partying at New York’s WIP because she didn’t want Justin to bother her.

“[Selena] asked her friend to take her phone from her for the night when she got to the club,” the source continued. “She said she didn’t want to text [Justin]. She danced and had fun, and when she got her phone back at the end of the night, she rolled her eyes and showed her friends how many missed calls and texts she had from him.”


Sweet little Selena Gomez, a heartless ice princess? Who knew?

Oh well, the Jelena melodrama is becoming almost as melodramatic as the Chris Brown/Rihanna/Karrueche Tran flying circus. Stay tuned.

Note to Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, dude.

Photo Source: Us Magazine

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